For the adventurer Peru is a country just waiting to be explored. From coastal desert, exotic rainforest, the Inca Trail, pink dolphins and an opportunity to meander down the Amazon River in a dugout canoe.


Peruvian Sol

Peru boasts the highest tropical mountain range in the world, as well as one of the best preserved areas of Amazon rainforest. For those of you who like outdoor activities, you can choose from trekking ancient trails, white water rafting, paragliding and hurtling through the desert on a dune buggy.

Peru's most famous for Machu Picchu, a 550-year old citadel located in a spectacular setting between two Andean peaks that is so preserved its recognisable as a city. It's high: 7,973ft above sea level and the ruins are the size of a village. There's also an adjoining forest and wilderness park, the "historical sanctuary" that covers more than 116 square miles waiting to be explored.

If you're a bit of a foodie consider Peru's capital city Lima, as an alternative option. It's renowned for its cuisine and there's an abundance of exotic tastes to sample, as well as a laidback, vibrant dining scene, ranging from backstreet cevicherías to gourmet restaurants.

There are countless museums with great works of art to explore in the historical city centre, archaeological sites, beaches, the boardwalk, valleys, natural reserves, the nightlife and the thrill of adventure sports. This all adds up to an action packed and unique holiday experience.

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