If you want to see the Aurora, be pulled by huskies or enjoy 24-hour daylight then Finland is for you. It's a mysterious country with apparently eight seasons, ranging from eternal summer sunshine, to pitch black winter darkness.



Summer days are glorious for hiking and kayaking when temperatures can soar to 30°C. In winter they plummet to -30°C or even lower. Deciding on what you want to do will help you pick the best time to visit.

Aurora and snow activities occur in winter and the snow arrives in November. Perfect for dog sledding or snow shoeing, and once the long hours of darkness begin keep an eye out for the aurora. Midsummer is celebrated on the Saturday between June 20th-26th and is known as juhannus, it's a time to toast the midnight sun Finnish-style, with lakeside bonfires and BBQ's whilst sipping a cold beer.

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